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Casting Instruction

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We will have many different Casting Instruction opportunities for all levels! Members of The FFI Casting Board of Governors will be around with The FFI Texas Council to aid the fly fishing community in improving our casting skills.


1. ANY Level Casting Options

- Open Casting Instruction
at the
Chick-Fil-A casting fields

9:00AM to 11:00AM, 1:00PM to 3:00PM

  • Instruction begins on the hour every hour

  • Open to ANY LEVEL

  • Sign up on the day of the Round-Up at the FFI TX Chapter Tent at the Main Casting Fields​

  • Sign Up 15 minutes before the session

  • Location: Chick-Fil-A Casting Fields

  • Equipment will be available or you may cast with your own rod. 

- Specialty Casting Presentations

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Saltwater Demo
by Ron Mayfield
Location: CFA
Casting Fields

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Women's Casting Clinic
by Stacy Lynn and Cari Ray
Location: FCSD Fields

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Introduction to Two-Handed Spey
Jim Hund
Location: Main Fields

2. CI Pre-Test Opportunity

If you are a CI or MCI candidate and you are ready to pre-test (Highly Recommended), we are offering a limited number of slots for pre-tests at the Round-Up. This is a 2-3 hr commitment. Pre-registration is required.

When Registering Select 'Check Next Availability' to view the slots available at The Round Up

  • 200 US dollars

3. FFI Fly Casting Skills Development Program

Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or experienced caster we recommend that you complete every step of the program, beginning with Foundation. It is possible to complete more than one level on a single day. For example, you can Walk-Up and get an assessment for Foundation beginning at 9AM, and then sign-up for Bronze at the 1:00PM session, assuming there is availability.  Pre-registration is recommended as staffing is limited.

Note: Foundation Level - No Sign-Up Necessary, Check in at the FCSD Tent.

Bronze, Silver and Gold
Meet at the FCSD Tent 10 Minutes Before Your Session Begins

Equipment will be available for all levels but Silver and Gold are encouraged to cast with their own rods.

When Registering Select 'Check Next Availability' to view the slots available at The Round Up.
If the sessions indicate they are full, Please Text Alan at 979-777-0515 to be placed on a wait list.

Level 1: Foundation

Assessed Skills:
1. Gear Assembly - Rod and Reel
2. Feel for the Line

3. Horizontal Loop Drill
4. Horizontal False Cast
5. Transition from Horizontal to Vertical
6. 30' Accuracy 

7. 35' Lob or Tension Cast.


Level 2: Bronze

Assessed Skills:
1. 35' Pick-Up and Lay Down (PULD).
   Dominant and Non-Dominant sides.
2. 35' Horizontal (PULD). 
3. Extend Line from 35 to 40'
4. Accuracy at 25' and 35'.
5. 35' Roll Cast Dominant Side
6. Distance Cast of 50'.

Level 3: Silver

Assessed Skills:
1. 40' (PULD) and Shoot to 45'
   Dominant and Non-Dominant.

2. 40' Belgian Cast and Shoot to 45'.
3. Roll Cast 35 Feet Non-Dominant side
4. Accuracy at 20', 30', and 40'.
5. 40 Feet Reach Mend, Left and Right.
6. Distance Cast 60 feet.

Level 4: Gold

Assessed Skills:
1. Four 40' False Casts with max 4' Loops
2. 35' Seated/Kneeling Cast and Shoot
    to 40'
3. Curve Cast 40' of line
4. 40' Slack Line Presentation
5. 35' Roll Cast Pick Up and Shoot to 45'.
6. 40' Back Cast Delivery shot to 45'.
7. Accuracy at 20', 30', and 40',
  Non-Dominant Side.
8. Distance Cast 70'.

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