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Welcome to the
First Annual CI Gathering brought to you by Good Fly and The Texas Council of FFI

The Gathering is an opportunity for CIs, MCIs and those interested in becoming Certified Casting Instructors to spend a day getting to know the CI family, fishing together, challenging themselves to become better instructors, and gauging candidate's progress on their journey.

The Texas CI corps currently consists of 46 instructors.  It is estimated that 30 or less are actively engaged in teaching.  In a state of 30 million that puts a lot of burden on those CIs.  We believe that by offering more community amongst the CIs, more involvement could be encouraged.  This is an event where CIs get to instruct persons that are advanced casters  In addition, having the opportunity to pre-test or get an evaluation is key to success taking the CI or MCI test.  This event encourages more CIs in the state.



This is an un-sponsored event. To cover the cost of the Pre-test, Catered Breakfast and Lunch,
Facilities and Overhead, tickets are:
$50 for General admission CIs, MCIs and those interested but not testing.
$100 for Candidates seeking evaluation and video critique.
$200 for Candidates seeking Pre-test for CI or MCI

If you would like to underwrite the day please contact us!

October 2, 2022 at Millican Reserve

College Station, TX

The Day After The Round-Up

Tentative Schedule

                           Patrick Berry, President of FFI

  • 1:30p-3:00p     Afternoon Session MCI Pre-Test, Video, and Candidate Evaluations, Fishing

  • 3:00p             Good Fly Call to Arms and Send Off


Fishing the conservancy lake is productive from shore, kayak, or wet wading the flats for Carp, Large Mouth Bass, Crappie and pan fish.  Boots, Hip Waders and Chest Waders are encouraged.  Catch and release only.

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