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Festival Grounds Map

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Dani Rose - Meet the Pros :A round table discussion with Capt. Stacy Lynn, Cari Ray, Robert McConnell

Presentations Schedule:

10AM-11AM Capt. Stacy Lynn - Texas Salt Water Tactics

11AM-12PM Chris Johnson - Fly Fishing the Republic!

1PM-2PM Robert McConnell Fly Fishing Houston and the Sam Houston National Forest

2PM-3PM Bruce Sublett - Essentials of a Freshwater Fly Box

3PM-4:30 Jeff Ferguson - CI Workshop

Fly Tyers Demo Schedule

10:00 AM - Dutch Baughman, Bass Fly

11:00 AM - Deighan Cherry, New Squid Pattern

12:00 PM - Jim Gray, Llanolope

1:00 PM - Jeff Hoelter, Soft Hackle Creek Damsel

2:00 PM - Mike Morphew, Davy's Floating Shad, Historical Irish Mayfly

3:00 PM - Jack Gillis, TBD

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